Tower Transit’s Policy on the Prevention of Slavery and Human Trafficking

Tower Transit are committed to ethical dealings and the highest standard of business conduct with its customers, suppliers, employees and the communities wherever they operate around the world. Tower Transit finds it wholly unacceptable that there is an estimated 21 million people worldwide who are victims of forced labour, of which an estimated 5.5 million are children.

In accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Tower Transit outline below its efforts to ensure the eradication of slavery, forced or compulsory labour, or human trafficking from our supply chains and business operations.

Tower Transit desires that each and every one of its suppliers conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner, including business practices that prevent slavery and human trafficking in its own supply chain. Tower Transit selects it suppliers and business partners carefully. Should any selected supplier not attain the standards that Tower Transit expects we will not do business with them.

How We Are Assessing and Managing Risk

While the large majority of Tower Transit’s supply chain is not at risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place, Tower Transit takes steps to assess and manage such risks by aiming to only use suppliers who share Tower Transit's commitment to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain.

Tower Transit will always seek to reserve the right for itself or through third party auditors, to conduct, or have conducted on its behalf, audits of business practices to check suppliers' commitments. Suppliers that fail to meet Tower Transit's standards will be removed from Tower Transit’s supply chain.

Training & accountability

Tower Transit shall post this policy in all its locations in order to inform its management and employees of the issues on slavery and human trafficking so they can mitigate any risk, and ensure that in the unlikely event that any is discovered in our supply chain that it is reported without delay.

Tower Transit’s group commitment

Tower Transit Group Ltd is the ultimate parent company of a group of companies mainly concerned with providing transport services. That group of companies is referred to in this statement as “Tower Transit”.

The obligation under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 applies to organisations that carry on business in the UK and which have a total annual turnover in excess of £36 million. This statement is therefore also made by Tower Transit for and on behalf of each of its UK subsidiaries that are required to make such a statement in accordance with the Act, including Tower Transit Operations Ltd. Where any company within Tower Transit Group of companies which meets the criteria for publishing a statement under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, does not have its own dedicated website, a written copy of this statement will be provided upon request.

Further actions and sign-off

Following our review of our actions this financial year to prevent slavery or human trafficking from occurring in our business or supply chains, we intend to continue to take these steps to tackle slavery and human trafficking.

This statement is made in accordance with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Tower Transit's slavery and human trafficking statement for the year commencing 1st December 2016 and ending 30th November 2017.

Tower Transit reserves the right to amend this disclosure at any time without notice.