Tower Transit operates TfL contracted London Bus Services from two Bus garages across the London region.

Westbourne Park Bus Garage
Great Western Road
London W9 3NW

Google Map Westbourne Park Location  Volvo-Gemini2

This garage, built in the 1980's operates routes 13, 23, 28, 31, 328, N28, N31 and N97.

This flagship Original London Transport Bus garage has recently been refurbished and enlarged as part of the finishing CrossRail works.


Lea Interchange Bus Depot
151 Ruckholt Road
Leyton E10 5PB

Goog Maps Lea Interchange Location FuelCell Dennis Enviro 200

This is the largest site in our London operation and operates routes 25, 30, 58, 69, 212, 236, 308, 339, 425, 444, 488, RV1, W14, W15, N550 and N551.

The route RV1 hydrogen vehicles have a dedicated facilty for maintenance and fuelling of these advanced vehicles here.